Strangers become family

During the orientation back in Germany they alwasy told me that I won't just got a new family with my Host Family but also with the other exchangers. To be honest I couldn't believe that because we won't see each other so often and they are strangers for me who didn't even speack German.

In total we're 25 teenager who are studying here in Ecuador: 16 are German, 3 from Estonia, 2 are from the US, and the rest are from Danemark, Finland, Switzerland, Sewden, France and Hungary. In the past days 14 of us were in the Amazonian Rainforest (clic here for a video about the trip)but this post is not about my experiences in the rainforest it's about how strangers become family.

They are my family.

I know them for 2 months know but from face to face we just saw each other for something like 10 days. And eve in that short time I have the feeling to know them for years and that we're friends for yearsbut we aren't.
In the last days I realized how important they are for me, everyone of them. We talked about topics I wouldn't talk about with my classmates or friends in Germany.

It's really hard to discribe th situation between us because a big part of our friendship is the experience of an exchange year in Ecuador and all the problems we have with that and everything an exchange student goes trough.
We can share our stories between us cause here in Ecuador we're the only ones who really understand what happend inside of us and our struggle with living and studying abroad. It's really good to have someone in the same situation to talk with.

Something I really love about talking with them is that everyone is so open-minded and has a very open and big heart. They're so special and unique. I learned a lot in the last days and I have the feeling being with them makes me a better person. With them I can truly be myself and just enjiy the time and don't need to worry what they maybe think of me.
In the last days we maked a lot of jokes about ourselves and noboday was angry or pissed of about it but we also talked about really serious topics and I really appreciate that noboday judged someone else for their story.

During my orientation in Germany I read a text about exchange and since I'm here I never really felt that I learned somehing but during the trip I learned a lot because of my #yfufamily and I am so thankful for that. One phrase of the text is:

Exchange is about learning... learning how to live.


PS: you can find the complete text in an other page "Seite" in my blog

PPS: If anyone of you reads that, I just want to thank your for everything. For your friendship and just for being there for me. Every single one of you is an amazing person and I wish you guys so much luck for the next months and I really hope that we see each other again.
Stay strong. Be strong.


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