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My 1st time out alone

Wednesday, November 22nd  So today was the day... I was out with some other exchangers for the first tme without my host-sister by my side. I know this maybe sounds not as such a big deal but for me it was. Because first my fmily was like: "No puedes salir sin Cielo es peligroso!" What means "You can't go out without Cielo it's dangerous" and I really understand why they were saying this, i mean I don't really speak Spanish and also I just look like a Gringa (someone from the US or an other country) and everyboday is always staring at me and all the cars honk after me. But anyway in Germany my dad was more calm about that and so here I had a little bit the feeling that I am not as "free" I want to be. I mean I didn't even wanted to go out often but still just the knowlege that I always need to go with Cielo but with that I DON'T say that I don't like to go somewhere with Cielo. So to every exchange student out there who maybe