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Because you will never know.

Today my Host sister and I went into the centre of Ambato to eat something and to visit my mom in a hair-salon. After we visited our mother we walked around and I asked Cielo if she wants to drink a juice with me and she said yes. So we were walking into the direction of the "mercados", these are 3 markets halls here in Ambato. The biggest one is on one of the main streets and we were really close to this one but then I turned to another direction and Cielo was just like "Hanna where are we going? You just passed the market?" and I responded with "Mall de Frutas" (How we exchangers call the "mercado de frutas"). Cielo didn't know what I was talking about and where we were going and so I walked us to the "Mall de Frutas". In  this place works the mother of Arabellas, a girl from Estonia, dancing teacher and I wanted to buy my jugo there bc it is really good, so we bought it and after that some Ecuadorian food for lunch. After w