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52 days left

In 52 days I will sit in the air plane. In 52 days I will left my family and my friends for a year. I mean.. how is this even possible. How can I leave my home for an entire year? How can I live in a family I barely know? At the one hand I am so freaking happy about it, I mean I will discover a completely new country, a completely new city and a new school with new people in it. And EVERYTHING is new. Because it's new I am afraid it. I am afraid of leaving everything that matters behind. for. a. YEAR.  And today I can't imagine that this happen to me. Sometimes, when I sit in school or at home I think about the fact, that in 6 months from now I will sit in Ecuador and it will be normal for me. And I (hope I) will understand the teacher and my host family and it will be normal to eat breakfast together or stuff like that. It's strange, isn't it? I am not ready to leave. I graduated the 10th grade and so I have a school leaving certificate and in the last