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la mitad de mi año

The half of my exchange year is over, in 5 months I will be back in Germany and this year is just a memory. But not just only that, also we are in the year 2018. I am turning 18 this year. I will, hopefully, get my driver license. All of my best friends are going to graduated next year, just I don't. And so much more unbelievable things are about to come. I can't believe how much time had passed by. 162 days are over . 148 left. One of my best friends, I made here, is already back in the US and he is not the only one whose time in another country is over. I can't even imagine being back right now. To be back at home. with my family and my friends.   My Spanish is not good as I wish it would be, I didn't did as much things I wished I had. Still these 162 days were the best of my life and the next are going to be better. That's a promise to myself. I am so thankful for being here, that I was given this opportunity. I mean yeah, making an exchange year is not