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2 Weeks in my Host Family & first week of school

Two weeks ago, I arrived in my Host Family. I can't belive that I am here for 2 Weeks now.. I mean HOW?! The time passed so fast.. At the one hand I feel like I am being here for months, but on the other hand it feels like 4 days or something like that. I really like my host family , but the most my host sister, cause she is really nice to me and helps me with everything, also I can speak englsih with her. Her englsih is better than the english of the most people here, cause she tooked extra classes after school to learn english. Here you have to do that, If you want to leran real english... I get more used to spanish in the last two weeks, but I am still not really good with it. Also my fisrt school week is over. The name of my school is "Unidad Educativa Ambato" . We didn't really had classes this week, it was more for organize stuff and somethig like that. My classmates are really cool and also I like my school a lot, but it's soooooo different to Ger