Because you will never know.

Today my Host sister and I went into the centre of Ambato to eat something and to visit my mom in a hair-salon. After we visited our mother we walked around and I asked Cielo if she wants to drink a juice with me and she said yes.

So we were walking into the direction of the "mercados", these are 3 markets halls here in Ambato. The biggest one is on one of the main streets and we were really close to this one but then I turned to another direction and Cielo was just like "Hanna where are we going? You just passed the market?" and I responded with "Mall de Frutas" (How we exchangers call the "mercado de frutas").
Cielo didn't know what I was talking about and where we were going and so I walked us to the "Mall de Frutas".

In  this place works the mother of Arabellas, a girl from Estonia, dancing teacher and I wanted to buy my jugo there bc it is really good, so we bought it and after that some Ecuadorian food for lunch.
After we sat down I asked her if she really never was here before and my host sister replied with 'yes'. I was so shoked, I mean I go there a lot because I love the "Jugo naturales" and another reason is that I just enjoy being around Ecuadorian people and just to go to places not every tourist would visit. But the girl who lives here in Ambato for over 16 years never went there and this really surpised me.

It was just so surreal for me to understand that I, a girl who lives here for 6 months now, knows places a girl who lives here her entire life didn't know. Also this was a special moment for me because of this, it showed me that even when you live somewhere your whole life, that doesn't mean you will ever know it completely but that someone who just moved here maybe will discover things you never knew of.

And the same thing happens with the people in your life, the persons around you, maybe in your school, in your town, at work or whatever place. You may knowing them for years but you will never understand the whole person by itself. There always will be something you will never know. Maybe it's something you never thought this person would be capable of or this special person would like one certain thing like one specific type of music, etc.

You will never know why someone acts the way he acts. Maybe there is a really good reason why this one girls always wears a black jacket or why this one guy has a scar in his face.
You will never know why someone is the way he is, why he acts the way he acts and because you will never know for sure, you don't have the damn right to judge other people for who they are. For the way they look. For the clothes they wear. For the music they hear. For the body they have. For nothing.

Because you will never completely know and you will never understand.


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